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Our Email Box: Comments on Web Talks about Two Hands of the Cause of God—Tears and Laughter

Apr 29, 2018
Our Email Box: Comments on Web Talks about Two Hands of the Cause of God—Tears and Laughter
Mariette LeongMariette Leong, the youngest daughter of the Hand of the Cause of God Collis Featherstone, shared with Wilmette Institute Web Talk listeners the captivating, moving (many were in tears), funny, and informative talks about her father and about the Hand of the Cause of God Mother (Clara) Dunn, who, with her husband, Hyde (also a Hand of the Cause of God) took the Bahá’í Faith to Australia. The two talks elicited many comments. We hope that they will inspire you to gather a group of friends, family, and seekers to watch the talks together. Links to the two talks are below. Mariette Leong, “Recollections of the Hand of the Cause of God Collis Featherstone”

Thank you, dearest Marietta, for recounting and sharing your father life as a Hand of the Cause. It was an inspiration, and it is lovely to hear about how the Faith grew in Australia. An emotional, loving life and example of sacrifice and service.—Elizabeth Enciondo

That was an amazing story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us, I was sitting in my car listening to this video on my cell phone and crying the whole time. Thank you.—Saeed Adakani

Harold Collis Featherstone, Hand of the Cause of God
The Hand of the Cause of God Collis Featherstone
Courtesy Bahá’í Media Bank

I listened today to Mariette Leong’s “Recollections of My Father: Hand of the Cause of God, Collis Featherstone” and was deeply moved listening to her priceless account of the meritorious service of her father and his family to the Cause. . . . My name is Murray Skeaff, and I am a Canadian-born member of the Bahá’í Faith who has lived in Dunedin, New Zealand, for the last thirty years. Mr. and Mrs. Featherstone visited the Dunedin Bahá’í community late 1989 or early 1990, I cannot recall the exact date, but their visit I have never forgotten and think of often.—Murray Skeaff, Professor

Thank you so much for this lovely sharing time with Mariette. I wish I could see it again. Any chance of a video? Grateful for all your good work.—Cheri Buchbinder

Ed. Note: Wilmette Institute Web Talks are generally available on its YouTube Channel 24 hours after the talk ends. Above you will find a link to the talk.

I really enjoyed Mariette’s presentation about the early days in Australia, her father Collis and mother and Clara Dunn. I think what struck me most was the huge amount of work her father had to do, serving in so many capacities and of all his traveling, which was of great sacrifice to himself, his wife, and children. I met Mariette when she & her husband attended Irish Summer School. Thank you for arranging this presentation. I’m glad to see it was recorded.—Anne (Corcoran)

I just loved the beautiful told story by Mariette Leong of her father The Hand of the Cause Collins Featherstone.—Kimberly Gila

Hello, I am so overwhelmed to see this video, and I couldn’t stop myself from sharing this story of mine. My name is (Dr.) Collis Ali. I was born in May 1983, where the beloved Hand was visiting Bangladesh. My family had organized a celebration where beloved Hand was invited. So when I was placed on his lap, he instantly asked, “What is his name?” to which my grandfather replied, “So far we couldn’t name him.” The beloved Hand, with his most loving attribute, said, “I would voluntarily give my name to this boy.” He added that his name was a gift from his grandmother so he would gift this boy (me) half of his name that is Collis.—Collis Ali

Clara Dunn, Hand of the Cause of God
The Hand of the Cause of God Clara Dunn
© Bahá’í International Community
Mariette Leong, “Recollections of the Hand of the Cause of God Clara Dunn and Henry Hyde Dunn”

Please convey my heartfelt thanks to Mariette Leong for her speeches on both her father [the Hand of the Cause of God Collis Featherstone] and on [the Hand of the Cause of God] Mother Dunn. These have greatly inspired me during this fasting time. I have not really known much about any of the Hands and have now awakened to realize how much there is to learn by studying the history of the faith more broadly than only that of the Central Figures.

Also many thanks for all of the other great material that is available through the YouTube videos. Especial thanks for the lectures in the Kitíb-i-Iqán and the Letters to the Sultan and to the Shah, which were very informative. It is a great privilege to have access to talks by such outstanding Bahá’í scholars. Please convey my great appreciation and heartfelt thanks to all the lecturers willing to give their time and in this way help deepen us ”beyond Ruhi” on these complex and fascinating subjects and their historical backdrop. — Kristina Schmidt-Penttilä, Helsinki, Finland

Thank you, Mariette, for sharing these stories with us.You tell them so well. Please start a YouTube channel where you tell short stories of your remembrances. It is such a blessing for us to hear. I can’t help but feel how people a thousand years in the future would feel so blessed to have such precious video remembrances.—Twilightsummerbreeze

Zikrullah Khadem
The Hand of the Cause of God Zikrullah Khadem
Courtesy Jena Khadem Khodadad
If you have made a weekend of listening to talks on Hands of the Cause of God, you will want to add yet another one to your series: Dr. Jena Khodadad’s talk about her father, “Zikrullah Khadem: Itinerant Hand of the Cause of God.”

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