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We believe you have the capacity to be the force behind sustainable social change.

Material and spiritual development go hand in hand, and it starts here, with a holistic education.

Our Difference
Our Mission

The Wilmette Institute is a higher educational institution offering courses in Bahá’í history, texts, and the Bahá’í approach to social transformation. We are committed to a diverse academic community in our student body and faculty. Our courses facilitate consultation, action, and reflection leading to personal and collective transformation for the common good.

We seek to provide innovative and transformative learning experiences for college students and others who want to make the world more compassionate, just and inclusive.

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95% of survey takers said they'd recommend our courses to a friend.

Students Every Year

Come join our supportive learning community. We celebrate diversity.


Through our courses you will discover new perspectives and create strategies for real and lasting change in your life, your community, your world.


“The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens.”


Our courses explore topics for a changing world such as climate change, racial justice, sustainable development, the arts, family life, and Bahá’í history and texts.

Our Courses

Courses for University Credit

Our courses are designed to meet online learning standards and best practices, for university credit and continuing education. We’re always open to new university and college partnership opportunities.

Community Learning Courses

We serve learners of diverse backgrounds and ages, and facilitate consultation, action, and reflection for personal and collective transformation toward the common good.

Our Diverse & Distinguished Faculty
Our Diverse & Distinguished Faculty

The Wilmette Institute has more than 75 faculty members with current academic and field experience across the globe. We seek to bring greater diversity and attract world-embracing thinkers to our faculty, further enriching our learning environment.

Advisory Board

“Let your vision be world embracing”


An academic advisory board of distinguished scholars and instructors helps us achieve our educational vision.

The Bahá’í Faith

​Isn't it time for humanity to come together as one family, to create a world where everyone can thrive?


Support Us

We are dependent on tuition payments, generous donations from the Bahá'í community, and volunteer assistance from our many contributors, students, and friends.