Tips for Sustainable Living

Jul 2, 2021

These monthly tips about sustainable living started in January 2017 following the suggestion of Dr. Betty Fisher, the editor of the Wilmette Institute newsletter at that time. Their purpose is to show how lofty Baha’i teachings can be expressed in small daily actions. They are designed to inspire you to adapt them to your personal circumstances and locale and to help you generate other ideas about how to live a more responsible life, environmentally and socially.

While there is no doubt that we need large-scale societal change if we want to save the Earth’s natural systems from human destruction, small actions from many people do make a difference on many levels: They send market signals that promote a more sustainable economy; they pave the way for a new culture in which the well-being of all humankind and all life is at the center of concern; and the collective effort by individuals reducing their consumption and adopting a simpler life does have an impact on mitigating the severity of the environmental crises, thereby reducing human suffering and keeping the Earth a livable place for future generations. —CHRISTINE MULLER

This page contains links to 2021 and 2020 TIPS, plus selected archived PDF versions of TIPS published before 2020, when the Wilmette Institute’s new website was launched. More archives will be added in the future.

2021 TIPS

January —Every Choice Leaves a Trace
February —The Harm of Microplastics
March —Food Insecurity and the Principle of Contentment
April —Building Community with a Garden
May —A Plea for Diversity in Gardens
June —Forage Garlic Mustard (for your good health and for the environment)
July —Save Electricity during Peak Hours
August —Reduce Light Pollution at Night
September —The Recent Climate Report—Elevate the Conversation!

2020 TIPS

January —Avoid Food Waste
February —Cherish your Old Cell Phones and Computers
March —Properly Dispose of Electronic Waste
April —The Current Health Crisis (a different tip than usual)
May —Create a Vegetable Garden
June —Abandon Unnecessary Travel
July —Mindfully Washing Our Hands
August —Let’s Cool Down Quickly and Sustainably
September —Stay Away from Leaf Blowers
October —Fashion? Let it Go!
November —Plog and Plalk: Pick Up Litter
December —Throw it Out? Wait a Moment!

Archived Sustainable Living TIPS

Category: Food

Avoid Food Waste
Eat Food that is in Season
Eat Less Beef
Eat Lower on the Food Chain
Give Up Bottled Water
Considering Social Justice in Making Food Choices
Why Eat Organic?

Category: Gardening

Do not Kill: Avoid Toxic Weed Killers in Your Garden and Yard
Create a Vegetable Garden (or expand your existing garden!)
Ethical and Easy Lawns
“The Bees and We”
The Joy of Gardening

Category: Transportation

More Archived Tips to Come…

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