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​The Wilmette Institute ​focuses largely on an online study approach in order to provide educational classes to a broader student body. It now offers more than 50 unique online courses to an average of 30 students per course. Discover ​more about our history, mission  and values.

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​​We believe it’s time for humanity to come together as one family, to create a world where everyone can thrive.
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Learner Feedback

“​The later units of the course (Mitigating Climate Change, Discourse about Climate Change, and Service and Social Action) have begun to reshape my thinking about what I can do as an individual, as a member of a community of faith, and as a member of the greater society to work to address the climate crisis.”

Brad James

“​​Why I Took the Course on Racism. I am working on putting together a “musical fireside” about race, and I took this course Racism in America: The Most Challenging Issue in an effort to see what other Bahá’ís were doing to educate members of our own communities. I believe that we need to strengthen understanding and application of racial justice within the Bahá’í community”

​​​​​Katharine Key

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