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Partner with Us

The Wilmette Institute seeks partnerships with like-minded universities, institutes, and organizations working toward the betterment of the world through education.


Dynamic Extension

Over the past twenty-five years we have offered our students a holistic pedagogy for social transformation, utilizing both scientific and spiritual principles through more than 60 continuing education courses annually.

Our distinguished faculty have extensive experience in their fields of expertise, and draw on grassroots praxis worldwide.

Enhance Your Institution’s Education Goals

Your students will benefit from

  • International cadre of experienced, distinguished faculty

  • Collegial atmosphere and strong student mentorship

  • Needs-based scholarships

What We Teach

Our courses for credit will focus on Bahá’í inspired approaches to social transformation and Bahá’í history, texts, and teachings.

Social Transformation Courses

  • Reconstructing Blackness: Anti-Racism and Unity in the US

  • Approaches to Non-Violent Social Change

  • Human Prosperity and Sustainable Development

Bahá’í History, Texts, and Tenets Courses

  • Introduction to the Bahá'í Faith

  • Introduction to Bahá'í History

  • Introduction to Bahá'í Scripture

  • Introduction to Bahá'í Theology

Our Pedagogy Reflects Our Guiding Principles:
  • Universal peace and justice will be realized through a global consciousness of the oneness of humanity and the interconnectedness of the earth and all its inhabitants.
  • Both science and religion are essential to building an ever-advancing civilization.
  • Systemic social problems require a holistic approach to discover lasting solutions.
  • Scholarship does not begin and end with words but combines theory and praxis in study, consultation, action and reflection.
  • Sustainable social change requires the development of human capacity, in order for people to become protagonists of their own material and spiritual development.

Opportunities for Collaboration

We welcome mutually beneficial partnerships with institutions across the U.S. that value our distinctive pedagogy. We can:


Let’s Work Together

To collaborate and partner with us please contact
Dr. Chitra Golestani