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Fees & Tuition Support

2022/2023 Fees

The fees for 2023 will be the same as 2021 and 2022: $95 for a 7-8 week extension course. The fee for shorter courses is less, and longer courses more (up to $125). See details in 2021/22 Tuition Fees (PDF)

Note: All fees are quoted in US dollars.

Payment by credit card is required for self-registration in our courses. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, If you need to pay by check or money order, contact the Registrar for a deferred payment code.


On registration, you may be eligible for an automatic discount. Simply select your discount category on the Registration fee selection page. Discounts range from 20% (Senior citizens, Bahá’í pioneers, and full-time students) to 40% (Study group members). First-time Wilmette Institute students are offered a 30% discount.

Typical 2021 Registration Fees page. This page also reflects an automatic 10% discount for early registration (4 weeks or more before start of course)
Typical Registration Fees selection page. The base fee is $95. This page reflects an additional, automatic 10% discount for early registration (4 weeks or more before the course starts).

Tuition Support (Scholarships)

To apply for tuition support, complete this online application.

For a full breakdown of current fees, discounts, and refund policies, see page 10 of the Wilmette Institute’s online Student Handbook

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