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Fees & Tuition Support

Community Learning Courses

2020 Fees

The fee is typically $75 for a 6-9 week community learning course. The fee for shorter courses is $50 or less.

2021 Fees

Fees for 2021 have been adjusted to more accurately reflect the costs of running a course. The base price for 7 and 8 week courses in 2021 is $95, while the base price for 5 and 6 week courses in $75, and for shorter courses $55. See details in 2021 Tuition Fees (PDF)

Discounts (2020 and 2021)

Senior citizens, Bahá’í pioneers, and full-time students are eligible for a 20% discount. First-time Wilmette Institute students will get a 30% discount. Study group members get a 40% discount, and in 2021 an additional study group fee will no longer be charged.

Tuition Support (Scholarships)

To apply for tuition support, complete this online application.

University Courses

If the Wilmette Institute does not have an agreement with your institution, you may be eligible for tuition support (a scholarship). An application fee of US $50 (which goes toward tuition) is required. The current tuition fee is US $175 per credit hour ($525 for a 3-credit course). University-level students are eligible for needs-based tuition support ranging from approximately 19 to 57 percent of tuition. See also: “Obtaining University Credit for a WI Course.”

If the Wilmette Institute has an agreement with your institution, different financial arrangements will apply.  

For a full breakdown of current fees, discounts, and refund policies, see page 3 of the Wilmette Institute’s online Course Catalog.

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