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We are an educational institution that draws upon the principles of the Bahá’í Faith to inspire sustained social change for the common good. Our courses are designed to explore individual and collective transformation by empowering students to advance a more just and peaceful society.
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Taking this course has been an enjoyable, rewarding and enriching experience. I now feel more confident in my abilities to contribute to the public discourse in a wide range of subjects and using different styles.

Andrew Scott, Norfolk, United Kingdom
Sustainable Devlopment and Human Prosperity, 2022

The format of this course was really nicely laid out. Zoom calls to share art and thoughts (which was more intimate) and the online forums which was more classroom like. Without either component of the course, there would have been something lacking.

Anonymous First-Timer
Anonymous comment from Student Satisfaction Survey, Jan. 2021

Excellent content and interaction with faculty! I was also pleasantly surprised by level of sharing within the forums. This was a very engaged and engaging student body. Thanks!

Anonymous First-Timer
Anonymous comment from Student Satisfaction Survey, Feb. 2021
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Bahá’ís worldwide are acting on their belief in the oneness of humanity as the foundation for social transformation.

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