Study Group Benefits

Study Groups are a great way to enrich your learning experience and also save you some money. A group can be as small as two people, or as large as ten. The Wilmette Institute is here to help you at every step of the process. If there’s anything you don’t understand, please feel free to contact the Registrar at learn@wilmetteinstitute.org, or 877-WILMETTE (877-945-6388).

Why Choose Group Study?

Many people learn best in a group situation. Studying online as an individual is extremely rewarding, but can also be a challenge.

Studying as a group means you can divide up the course readings between group members so that each learner is able to focus his or her mental energy on one or two readings per week, and still benefit from the insights of group members who chose different readings.

The spiritual energy generated by prayerful discussions between friends who are walking a path of service will serve to keep the group focused on the learning process.

Your group will have the opportunity to meet via videoconferencing technology (provided by the Institute, all you need is a computer or smart phone) with a faculty-mentor. Your mentor is a very valuable resource.

Who Can Be In a Group?

A successful study group is made up of individuals committed to learning together. You can invite anyone you know, they do not need to be Bahá’ís.

You can study with any friend, anywhere in the world, because groups can also meet online. (The Institute has expanded its videoconferencing capacity-you can get one-on-one assistance through the Student Services Office to set up meetings online.)

Study Groups can be formed for any course. Try inviting people who have similar interests. You can search the Institute’s Catalog for courses on specific religions (for example Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism), parenting, relationships/ marriage, the arts/creative writing, Baha’i history, and a host of topics that are of general concern to communities across the nation such as climate change, racism, sustainable development, economic justice, science and religion, education, and equality of women and men.

How Much Will We Save?

The fee for setting up the group is the same as an individual registration fee ($75.00 for most courses) but the fee for each additional member is 40 percent less than the individual fee ($45.00). A group of two would typically save $15 each; a group of five, $24 each.

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