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Coming soon: courses in Bahá’í Studies and Social Transformation, in partnership with institutions of higher education.

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By the End of the Course You’ll Be Able to…


Independently investigate reality to discern fact from conjecture.


Analyze complex and interrelated global problems through critical systems thinking.


Apply knowledge, insights and skills for the common good.


Examine the root causes of global issues from a Bahá'í perspective, and explore the prerequisites for building a just and peaceful society.


Apply consultation, action, study, and reflection to community-building through participatory social action and discourse.


Engage in public discourse, consultation, service-learning, and consciousness-raising in interdisciplinary, interfaith, and intercultural contexts.


This course was excellent. The readings and references were exemplary. Not officially being a Bahá’í, I was duly impressed by the presentation of Christian materials and the affirming support Bahá’ís give to the concepts of Christianity.

Douglas Ladore

The harmony of science and religion is something I have always taken for granted, but this course has given me a more intimate understanding of the nuance of feedback between the two.

Andres Elvira
California, Science, Religion, and the Bahá’í Faith (2019)

I feel much more hopeful about the future after this course. I learned that there is a way out of the mess we're in... I was also heartened to learn about the many people in the world successfully working on these problems in a spirit of global unity.

Mark Johnson
Kansas, Sustainable Development and the Prosperity of Humankind (2019)
Fees & Tuition Support
Fees & Tuition Support

In 2021 the fee is $95 for a 7-8 week community learning course. The fee for shorter courses is less, and longer courses more (up to $125). See details in 2021 Tuition Fees (PDF). Note: All fees are quoted in US dollars.

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