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Coming soon: courses in Bahá’í Studies and Social Transformation, in partnership with institutions of higher education.

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By the End of the Course You’ll Be Able to…


Independently investigate reality to discern fact from conjecture.


Analyze complex and interrelated global problems through critical systems thinking.


Apply knowledge, insights and skills for the common good.


Examine the root causes of global issues from a Bahá'í perspective, and explore the prerequisites for building a just and peaceful society.


Apply consultation, action, study, and reflection to community-building through participatory social action and discourse.


Engage in public discourse, consultation, service-learning, and consciousness-raising in interdisciplinary, interfaith, and intercultural contexts.


What an amazing course--fabulous, knowledgeable, spiritually Inspiring instructors and enthusiastic well read participants! Delight upon delight. Boundless appreciation.

Carolyn (Delafield, Wisconsin)
Bahá'í Perspectives on Agriculture and Food, 2023

Taking this course has been an enjoyable, rewarding and enriching experience. I now feel more confident in my abilities to contribute to the public discourse in a wide range of subjects and using different styles.

Andrew Scott, Norfolk, United Kingdom
Sustainable Devlopment and Human Prosperity, 2022

The format of this course was really nicely laid out. Zoom calls to share art and thoughts (which was more intimate) and the online forums which was more classroom like. Without either component of the course, there would have been something lacking.

Anonymous First-Timer
Anonymous comment from Student Satisfaction Survey, Jan. 2021
Fees & Tuition Support
Fees & Tuition Support
Fees & Tuition Support

In 2023 the fee is $95 for a 7-8 week community learning course. The fee for shorter courses is less, and longer courses more (up to $125). See details in Tuition Fees (PDF). Note: All fees are quoted in US dollars.

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