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Living the Golden Rule: transition to a clean energy economy

Feb 27, 2023 flyer, with the injunction to

by Christine Muller

Faith Climate Action Week 2023

Interfaith Power & Light’s Faith Climate Action Week 2023 will take place April 14-23. So, there is plenty of time to plan for public discourse, social action or community-building activities related to Earth Stewardship! This year’s theme is Living the Golden Rule: Just transition to a clean energy economy. It encourages that “we examine our responsibility to transition to energy sources that safeguard our common home, and how our faiths call us to respond with just solutions for all.” 

This is also an excellent opportunity to spread the statement of the Bahá’í International Community One Planet, One Habitation: A Bahá’í Perspective on Recasting Humanity’s Relationship with the Natural World.

Some practical ideas:

·      A community-wide conversation about Living the Golden Rule: Just transition to a clean energy economy

·      Study classes of the BIC Statement One Planet, One Habitation: A Bahá’í Perspective on Humanity’s Relationship with the Natural World

for a text edition suitable for study go here, for other study materials go here (just scroll down)

·      A community nature walk (perhaps read some quotations from the Bahá’í Writings on Nature or from the BIC statement on the way)

·      A children’s or youth class on nature (

·      Plant a tree as a community

·      Start a herb garden at your Bahá’í Center

·      Do an energy audit for your home or Bahá’í Center


Christine Muller, Piano Teacher

Board Secretary, International Environment Forum

I was interested in environmental issues already at a young age and became a Bahá’í when I was 17, which was the beginning of a life-long study of the Bahá’í Faith. As the environmental crisis was worsening, I began to systematically study climate change at a time when not much information was easily available. I also searched the Bahá’í teachings for a spiritual solution to the climate crisis. At that time, climate change was not known to most people and there were no educational materials available. That’s why I wrote Scientific and Spiritual Dimensions of Climate Change – an Interfaith Study Course, which the International Environment Forum posted in 2009. I joined the Wilmette Institute as support faculty for its Sustainable Development course in 2011 and created its Climate Change course the following year. I served on the board of RI Interfaith Power&Light for nine years and currently serve on the board of the Bahá’í-inspired International Environment Forum ( My academic background is in music and I enjoy part-time piano teaching and playing music. I would have done more in the area of music were it not for the urgency of climate action, but my musical training has helped me to better understand the complexity of the climate crisis. Christine’s articles on BahaiTeachings.orgSee Faculty Bio


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