Watch/Listen Now: "Compassionate Era: Bahá’í Teachings on the Animal Kingdom" recorded April 16th
Educator, Environmental Artist

I believe peace is an inherent human right and justice is the central organizing principle of a society based on the oneness of humanity. I’ve long been interested in processes and elements involved in the building of civilizations, both ancient—which are the world’s collective inheritance—and modern, to which we can consciously contribute each day as we design a foundation for the future. My research explores the histories of devotion as expressed in the generation of knowledge, material culture, and the formation of societies around the globe. For a decade I developed interfaith action programs for the faculty, staff, and students at Harvard University. In conjunction, I served faculty and students as a research and teaching assistant integrating the comparative and historical study of religion, archaeology, art, science, and social action. More immediately, I collaborate with individuals, families, and communities to nurture capacity to apply knowledge and spiritual principles for just social transformation.

In addition to the joy of serving people in every phase of life, I enjoy learning about natural history, carving stone to reflect Bahá’í teachings, and creating environmental art to make contemplative community spaces. 

Note: Eleanor is a former faculty member for the WI course “Anti-Black Racism in the U.S. and Building a Unified Society” and she currently helps out with the Most Vital and Challenging Issue Project Center.

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