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Physicist, WI Adjunct Lecturer

I’ve been fascinated by science and religion since becoming a Bahá’í in my youth in spiritually charged New Mexico. I discovered that—even though I was the product of a thoroughly secular academic upbringing as the son of a mathematics professor—I now believed in God. Could I do this rationally and consistent with my scientific and rational training? After graduating with a PhD in physics 1985 (quantum entanglement) and doing a post-doc at Bell Labs, I started the Association for Bahá’í Studies (ABS) Science and Religion Special Interest Group with Bill Hatcher and others.

While in Japan for 10 years at NTT Basic Research Labs, I started a Japanese ABS. Returning to the states and landing in Silicon Valley, I’ve continued pursuing the topic of the harmony of science and religion in a number of diverse ways, becoming more and more educated about how much I don’t know about this most important of issues.

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