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Author, Researcher, Consultant

I began writing about Bahá’í theology and history when I was in my mid-20s, with articles in the journal World Order, and later in The Journal of Bahá’í Studies, The Bahá’í Studies Review, and library-related journals regarding organization of Bahá’í libraries. I also prepared a published bibliography of English-language works on the Bahá’í Faith, and continue to maintain a database of works that address the Bahá’í Faith. I have written several articles on the Bahá’í approach to prophecy and millennialism. I am currently preparing a major volume tentatively titled This Is the Day: Millennialism, Millerites, and Prophecy in Bahá’í Discourse. My main interests are the contours of millennialism and its relevance to Bahá’í thought, the mystical and covenant-based elements of Bahá’í theology, sociology of the Bahá’í community including approaches to contemporary social issues, racial justice, Bahá’í sexual ethics, and the relationship of science and religion in Bahá’í perspective. I am also involved in interfaith action, especially with regard to sheltering the homeless, affordable housing, and achieving justice and equity.

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