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A Bahá’í Studies the Ten Commandments

Jun 1, 2020
Slide displaying the second commandment
Marco Oliveira, a lifelonger learner who has participated enthusiastically in several Wilmette Institute courses, had this to say about his two most recent projects.

“I was born in a family that has been following the Roman Catholic Church for many generations. Consequently, since I became Bahá’í in 1984, comparing Bahá’í beliefs to Christian beliefs has been one of my main concerns. In recent years, I have taken several courses offered by the Wilmette Institute in order to analyze aspects of the Bahá’í Faith and Christianity.”

“The course Christianity for Deepening and Dialogue (2019) was an opportunity to develop a systematic study on how the Bahá’í Faith sees the most fundamental Christian beliefs exposed in the Nicaean Creed. This creed was adopted by the First Council of Nicaea in 325 and is still used in many Christian churches. I hope this study becomes a helpful and appealing tool for Bahá’ís in their dialogues with Christian friends.”

View/Download PDF of The Ten Commandments: A Bahá’í Perspective, by Marco Oliveira.

View/Download PDF of A Bahá’í Perspective on the Nicene Creed, by Marco Oliveira.



Marco Oliveira

I am a Portuguese Bahá’í living in Lisbon (Portugal). I was born in a Roman Catholic family and became Bahá’í in 1984. I am married, the father of two boys, and I work as a software tester. I attended the course “Science of Religion” at the Catholic University in Lisbon and I am the author of the blog “Povo de Baha” (People of Bahá - Deepening, studying the Writings and theology have been my passions. In recent years I have dedicated my attention to the study of several Christian topics from a Bahá’í perspective. I am the author of the Book Terapia Divina (Divine Therapy), the first introductory Bahá’í book available in commercial bookstores in Portugal.

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