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Student finds new dimension in understanding

Dec 30, 2021
Portrait of 'Abdu'l-Baha

Course: ‘Abdu’l-Bahá: His Life and Ministry (2021)
Faculty Mentor: Harold Rosen

Editor’s Note: Kenton Dunbar has been taking courses with the Wilmette Institute since 2012, but this was his first since 2017. He sent this note of appreciation to Wilmette Institute Director Robert Stockman after taking our course on ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in September. We wish him the best in his retirement years.

Just a short note to express my appreciation and gratitude for organizing and offering this wonderful course. Personally, I don’t think I achieved any of my original goals, but through the readings, close study of the materials and especially the Zoom conferences, I come away with a new dimension in my understanding and a much deepened desire for putting more into practice.

“Look at me, follow me. Be as I am.” Be kind, be loving, be happy, be tireless, be truthful, sympathetic, courageous, self-sacrificing, be a shining star, but also take the malice, the calumny, the pain, the grief, the frustration, the toil, trial, betrayal, the fraud, deception so as to attempt to be truly as He was in all the aspects of His experience—AND take it all with radiant acquiescence!

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for more test and trial, both of which are imperative for our spiritual growth and development, and for which, as He stated, He was born to experience, suffer and endure. Special thanks to Harold, William and Anne, and of course the other students in the course, for your insights, perspectives and very well deepened understanding and discussion of the materials under study, all very inspirational! Thank You!



Kenton Dunbar

Travel teacher South Korea, Taiwan 1986-89; arrived as Pioneer to Copiapó, Chile 1991; travel teacher among the Mapuche First Nations People in the Ninth Region of the country for 3 years; now retired English teacher from the University of Atacama, Copiapó. Prayerfully I will be allowed to live out my life in service to the Faith here at my Post. LOVE!!

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