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Gifts of the Spirit: The Spiritual Practice of Creative Writing

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8 weeks
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Jan 18-Mar 14
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January 23, 2023

In this course, students will work one on one with a mentor who is a published author and experienced editor to design and complete a creative project in the form of poetry, fiction, a personal essay, or a memoir. In preparation for embarking on this project, students will explore various practical and aesthetic questions relating to writing, such as 1) how should one approach creative work as a writer? 2) what is the relationship between writing and spiritual practice? 3) what kinds of subjects should one choose to write about? 4) how should one use language? 5) what is the role of the writer in the community? and 6) how does one live a productive writing life?

The goal of this course will be to complete a literary project and also to understand what kind of work must be done in order to achieve publication. Some of the work produced in this course may be considered for the online journal of the arts at

The video below is is a very brief excerpt of a 2015 webinar presentation by Sandra Hutchison, titled "Windows on Divine Wisdom: Accessing the Meaning of the Bahá’í Revelation.” Watch the full webinar here (1 hr 20 mins, including introduction by Robert Stockman, and a Question and Answer session at the end.

Meet Your Faculty
Sandra Hutchison, PhD
Author, Editor

Sandra Lynn Hutchison is the author of two books: a book of poetry, The Art of Nesting (George Ronald Books, 2008) and a memoir about her time living in China, Chinese Brushstrokes (Turnstone Press, 1996). She holds a Ph.D. in English literature from the University of Toronto and recently undertook an MFA in poetry... See Faculty Bio

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