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Climate Change is about survival, one world...and our future.

Oct 31, 2020
Climate Change is about survival, one world...and our future Gary Reusche

Climate change is already adversely affecting people in many parts of the world and seriously threatens the survival of human civilization. The present-day world order is disintegrating before our eyes, and increasing climate change impacts are compounding social problems. At the same time, we can see the integrative forces in youth climate action, interfaith collaboration, and constructive high-level discourse at the United Nations. Discourse starting at the family level, to neighborhoods, to groups, to friends, even at work will catalyze the groundswell needed to initiate change, and mitigate the catastrophic events that we see on the horizon. We’ll consult together about how we can change the trend, from disintegrative to integrative!

This webinar is part of the Wilmette Institute’s activities for Global Climate Change Week 2020.

The following video, created by Gary, was included in the  Association for Bahá’í Studies 2020 Poster Presentation:  Global Governance, Climate Crisis, and Youth. https://vimeo.com/429353350

Global Governance, Climate Crisis, and Youth from Gary Reusche on Vimeo.



Gary Reusche, PhD

As a trained Climate Reality Leader in the Climate Reality Project of former Vice-President Al Gore, Gary will present climate change information to participants with the hope of inspiring future local action. The presentation will focus on the local impacts and solutions of the climate crisis, especially as they relate to the youth movement. Gary is a social and economic development worker living in Ukraine. Combining a Ph.D. in agricultural science with an MBA in management, he managed projects in Central America, Africa, South Asia and the ex-Soviet Union. His passion is to work for a sustainable future in a united world. As a social activist, he lives on a small farm and runs a residential vacation school for groups of children, youth, and adults striving to build a culture based on universal moral principles. The following video was included in the Association for Bahá’í Studies 2020 Poster Presentation: Global Governance, Climate Crisis, and Youth. https://vimeo.com/429353350

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