Wilmette Institute Joins the Graduate Theological Union as an Affiliate

Jan 20, 2021
GTU Symbol

The Wilmette is very pleased to announce that it has become an affiliate of the Graduate Theological Union of Berkeley, California. GTU is a consortium of 5 Protestant, 2 Catholic, and 1 Unitarian schools; six centers for the study of Islam; Hinduism; Judaism; Theology and the Natural Sciences; Arts and Religion; and Values, Ethics, and Culture; and six affiliated institutions, four of which are respectively dedicated to Buddhism, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Swedenborgianism, and the Bahá’í Faith.

In addition to being a consortium of independent schools and institutions, GTU is itself accredited to offer Masters and doctoral degrees on a wide range of subjects related to religion, and the various schools, centers, and affiliates all contribute courses and students to them.

The announcement of the Wilmette Institute’s affiliation is on GTU’s website here. They have also set up an attractive page about the Wilmette Institute as an affiliate:

In addition, the Graduate Theological Union has accepted Anti-Black Racism in the United States and Building a Unified Society as the Wilmette Institute’s first course to be delivered on GTU’s Moodle course delivery platform to its students. The course will begin February 1.

In the next two months the Wilmette Institute will propose a series of courses for delivery this fall, and will continue to explore the opportunities the relationship brings to it, including participation in public discourse on religion and society. Prayers for the continued success of the Wilmette Institute are welcomed.

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