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Transformative Leadership course packed with 'valuable concepts'

Jan 18, 2022
Rachel Patterson in Jaipur_Amber Palace_Belgian Hall of Mirrors

Image: Rachel Patterson in Jaipur, India, at the Amber Palace–a tourist mecca, and fascinating historical venue–in an area called the Sheesh Mahal (Hall of Mirrors or Palace of Mirrors).

On February 10th Wilmette Institute is launching the 5th offering of the popular course Cultivating Transformative Leadership. Students from this course are incredibly enthusiastic and are sharing what they have learned in a variety of ways. Some have formed groups to study the core book of the course: Transformative Leadership: Developing the Hidden Dimension. Others have made presentations or conducted workshops with organizations in which they are involved. One friend has used the material both in a high school class and a community college.

The following testimonial is from Rachel Patterson in New York City, who has worked as a coach for small and medium businesses for more than 10 years in 14 countries. Rachel affirms:

“This course on Transformative Leadership packs a LOT of valuable concepts into seven weeks. It helps us think through the style and principles of leadership we need in the fast-changing, multiple-global-crises world we now live in, where collaboration and a sense of unity are more necessary than ever. Like a good painting, I see/remember something new (or more deeply) each time I review my notes. With clear principles and a framework for thinking about leadership (in all kinds of organizations and groups), long-term community-building, unity, problem-solving, and teamwork, it’s useful for anyone who wants to take steps to address the issues we face in a world of inter-connected issues and people. I am looking forward to incorporating some of the elements of Transformative Leadership into my work.”

See details of the course and register here, where you can also listen to two other informal testimonials offered by participants in a Zoom call.



Rachel Patterson

Rachel is a facilitator and communications practitioner (not an academic), who has worked more than a decade in the corporate arena and in the NGO/NPO & social enterprise arena, lived and/or worked in 14 countries, traveled to another 40+. She speaks a few languages and loves to figure out systems and then help others do it too.  She is convinced that both play and mindfulness (deep breaths, respond not react, conscious decisions) are necessary for innovation, stress-management, and a joyful life; that perfection is impossible but progress can be wide-spread; AND that the business sector, which creates the majority of global wealth, has a large part to play in “making the world a better place.”


Joan (Juanita) Hernandez, MA

Author, Transformative Leadership Educator

I consider myself a world citizen. I was born and grew up in the United States, becoming a Bahá’í as a university student. Immediately after graduating, I moved to Guatemala as a pioneer. Then, in 1990 I moved to Bolivia, where I began my work with Nur University. During my years at Nur, I became known for my work on Moral Leadership, which we developed with Dr. Eloy Anello in 1992. The Spanish edition of the book Moral Leadership is now in its 4th edition and has been used in educational programs throughout Latin America. With the aid of May Khadem, the English version, titled Transformative Leadership: Developing the Hidden Dimension, was published in 2014, although unofficial pdf translations had been used for many years in development projects, especially in Africa and Asia under the auspices of Health for Humanity. In all, I am the author or co-author of more than twenty books on leadership, education, family life, social economic development, and the Bahá’í Faith. Although some of my books are only available in Spanish, my books in English can be found on Amazon at In 2019 I began working with Vahid Masrour and Jessica Kerr in Transformative Leadership Education in order to form a center for the many people in different countries who are applying Transformative Leadership. We invite you to visit our webpage to familiarize yourself with the concepts and activities of Transformative Leadership. You can also sign up for the newsletter that we publish every two weeks with articles related to activities of Transformative Leadership in different parts of the world.See Faculty Bio


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