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The Sacred Feminine at the Heart of the Bahá’í Faith: An Indigenous Feminine Perspective

May 29, 2022
Flyer for The Sacred Feminine webinar featuring a painting depicting White Buffalo Calf Woman, and a head shot of the presenter, Nadema Agard Winyan Luta

This presentation is dedicated to the Holy Maiden, who appeared before Bahá’u’lláh as detailed in the Bahá’í publication entitled, I Beheld a Maiden by Terry Culhane. The premise of this publication is that the Sacred Feminine or Feminine Divine is at the heart of the Bahá’í Faith. 

This multimedia presentation augmented with visual art images will be an introduction to the Feminine Divine of Native America including Earth Mother as Corn Mother Selu, Tonantzin as Eagle Woman, the Aztec Virgin Mother named Guadalupe and others within the context of an Indigenous world view where Mother Nature and Creator are the same.

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Nadema Agard Winyan Luta

Nadema Agard Winyan Luta (Woman Holy Red} is a Cherokee/Lakota/Powhatan artist, illustrator, curator, educator, lecturer, storyteller, writer, poet, published author, museum professional and consultant in Repatriation and Multicultural/ Native American arts and cultures.  She earned a B.S. Degree from N.Y.U.  and M.A. in Art and Education from Teacher's College, C.U.  Her work spans more than four decades and includes multiple solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, and guest curatorship’s nationally and internationally. Describing her work, Nadema states: “My artwork has an individualistic style that draws upon cosmic subject matter. It has a global agenda from an Indigenous perspective and reflects the interconnection of myself as woman, mother, Indigenous world citizen, Native North American, spiritual being and warrior. My work has been influenced by the ceremonies of the Onondaga Longhouse, the Hopi Kiva on Second Mesa, the Full Moon and Sweat Lodge ceremonies of the Ojibwe, the Sundance of the Lakota, a pilgrimage to Medicine Wheel, Wyoming, Nanih Waiya Mound of the Choctaw, the Mayan Pyramid in Chichen Itza and Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii, home of goddess Pele.”

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