Compassionate Era: Bahá’í Teachings on the Animal Kingdom

Apr 16, 2023
flyer for webinar on Baha'i Teachings on the Animal Kingdom, featuring a photo of the presenter, Carole Flood, and a photo montage of many different creatures who belong to the animal kingdom

Animals of all kinds co-exist with us, from pets to farm animals to wildlife and microscopic organisms. We know more than ever now about animal sentience and capabilities, even as we impact the animal kingdom more than ever before—from extinction and species decline due to climate change and habitat loss, farming practices, pet ownership, and more. What do the Bahá’í teachings say about animals? How can those teachings help guide us in our daily lives and as a society? What does it mean to be kind to animals? What is our vision of animals in the future? Come and join us to explore these questions and many more!



Carole Flood

Carole Flood was an animal lover and Bahá’í from the beginning, and both of these loves have grown over time. Professionally, she has been an educator and an environmental advocate, often combining the two fields. (She holds two masters degrees: Educational Psychology and Statistics and Environmental Management and Policy.) Recently, she has taught environmental science at the college and high school levels and served as a sustainability coordinator at a private school; she has also worked at the Environmental Protection Agency and as an editor. She lives outside of Westminster, Maryland with her husband, son, one dog, four cats, and lots of rural wildlife.

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