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Struggling to Learn: Legacy of an Incomplete Civil Rights Movement

Jul 17, 2022
flyer for Struggling to Learn: An Intimate History of School Desegregation in South Carolina

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This webinar, based largely on the recently published book Struggling to Learn: An Intimate History of School Desegregation in South Carolina (Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 2022) and on related research, will explore the classic civil rights era and its legacy. That era was a heroic period of social resistance that accomplished much but nonetheless left much work still not done. This presentation will summarize several key reforms brought about by the civil rights era as described in the book and then compare these steps forward with the more complete Bahá’í vision of true social reform, as described during that era and as conceptualized at the present.

You can order a copy of this book online at the University of South Carolina Press. It is also available on Kindle from Amazon. For more books by this author, visit June Thomas’s website.



June Manning Thomas

Born and raised in South Carolina, June Manning Thomas attended college at Michigan State University (MSU). She chose urban planning as a field in part because of her memories of finding relief from Jim Crow accommodations in big cities that she visited. She has taught at MSU, Cleveland State University, and University of Michigan (UM); published extensively; and eventually became the Mary Frances Berry Distinguished University Professor Emerita of Urban Planning, UM. See also:

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