LSA Secretary Deepens her Skills in Archiving

Jun 30, 2023
Baha'i International Archive Building in Haifa, Israel, against blue sky background.

Photo: The International Bahá’í Archives building, overlooking the Shrine of the Báb and the Port of Haifa.
Image credit: Jalal Volker, Public Domain, via Wikipedia Commons

Course: How to Collect, Arrange, Maintain and Promote a Bahá’í Archives (2023)
Faculty Mentor: Roger Dahl

1. I have learned more about how to classify documents, and have acquired a few skills to better serve my local Assembly and other agencies, as well as to assist with the storage and classification of a national community’s archives. This increases my desire to share with others what I’ve learned about the importance of Bahá’í archives.

2. Archival creation and maintenance is a vast subject and while I may have thought I knew something about archives, there is a deep ocean of learning to be explored. 

3. I have learned where I can go to find the answers to the questions asked of me, and have a deeper respect for the work of an archivist and the role of the institutions in stewarding their archives.

4. As an Assembly secretary, I will be more diligent in safeguarding the documents during my term. I will continue serving a national community to develop initial practices and procedures for their archival storage and classification.



Paula Siegel

Paula Siegel is a retired Senior Research Analyst at Oregon State University Foundation, and co-owner of Quince-Essential LLC, a family organic farm in Oregon dedicated to the harvesting of quince fruit and production of its products.

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