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Learner Finds Substance, Meaning, and Relevance in Multiple Courses

Apr 30, 2022
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Editor’s Note: Rex Walker has taken more than a dozen Wilmette Institute courses since 2018, and is already on his fourth course for 2022. Below are some comments of appreciation that he emailed to Robert Stockman, Wilmette Institute Director, in April.

“I live for your institute programs. They are my refuge, solace, and source of inspiration. I have been a Bahá’í all my life and it wasn’t until I discovered Wilmette Institute that I encountered the frightful shallow depth of my understanding of the Faith on which I have based my entire life. It’s as if I have discovered the Faith all over again but better–in as much as everything has so much more substance, meaning, and relevance to myself and the world here and after.

I get overly enthusiastic at times and sign up for more courses than I can keep up with, but I don’t mind one bit. I have taken some of your courses multiple times and will no doubt take them over again. There is just so much richness in these courses that it takes my little mind multiple times to glean what I have just read.

Your course instructors are just marvelous. The fact that I can take advantage of the years of their dedicated academic knowledge, their hard-fought digging and research; their generous sharing of those gems of scholarship is unfathomable to me.

When I’m traveling, which is often, I forget which class I printed all those tablets and interpretations from. No matter, it’s always a win-win. So please don’t worry about me missing something here and there. I’ll catch up eventually and when I do I feel like a child on Christmas morning. What could be better?!”



Rex Walker (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Rex Walker is a second generation Bahá’í, who has been active in his Bahá’í community his entire life.

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