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Global Challenges and Opportunities

Jun 23, 2020

A. Creating An Effective System of Global Governance: Indispensable Mindsets, Habits, and Institutions

Speaker: Sovaida Ma’ani Ewing

This webinar series consists of three dialogue webinars.

1. The Coronavirus Pandemic: Stepping Stone, or Stumbling Block?

While our experience with the coronavirus pandemic is extremely painful, it also provides us a rich opportunity to build a more peaceful and secure world. Together, we will explore a few of these opportunities.

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2. A Principled Approach to Solving Global Challenges 

One of the opportunities inherent in the global challenges we face, whether it is the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, or the threat of nuclear war, is the recognition that short-term, reactive, solutions no longer serves us. Instead, we must employ long-term, proactive thinking, and apply a set of global ethics that we identify and agree upon.

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3. Collective Threats Require a New System of Global Governance

The current crisis is highlighting the degree to which we are interdependent and connected. While many of our greatest threats (like the coronavirus pandemic) are collective, we lack the necessary global institutions to make authoritative and binding decisions and to enforce them. Together we will explore the kinds of institutions we need to create to ensure humanity’s collective well-being.

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B. Bahá’í Conversations on Climate Change

Speaker: Christine Muller

This program has its own page. Click the title above for full details.

C. Transformative Leadership for Youth

This program has its own page. Click the title above for the video recording and more details.

D. Theater as a Tool for Moral Reasoning

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E. Destroying a Thought of Hatred

Speaker: Vasu Mohan
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As societies around the world grapple with polarization around identities and the rise of hate speech, what tools are in the Baha’i Writings that can be applied to broader contexts? This talk explores some examples of efforts in building social cohesion and countering hate.

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