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Global Challenges and Opportunities

Jun 01, 2020

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The Bahá’í teachings provide the spiritual foundation for humans to live in harmony with each other and with the Earth, but how can we apply specific Bahá’í teachings to climate change? Among the teachings that will be discussed are justice, truthfulness, the roles of science and religion, gender equality, the elimination of the extremes of wealth and poverty, moderation, the oneness of humankind, and the importance of spiritual development.

1. Creating An Effective System of Global Governance: Indispensable Mindsets, Habits, and Institutions

Speaker: Sovaida Ma’ani Ewing

This webinar series consists of three dialogue webinars.

“The Coronavirus Pandemic: Stepping Stone, or Stumbling Block?”

While our experience with the coronavirus pandemic is extremely painful, it also provides us a rich opportunity to build a more peaceful and secure world. Together, we will explore a few of these opportunities.

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“A Principled Approach to Solving Global Challenges” 

One of the opportunities inherent in the global challenges we face, whether it is the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, or the threat of nuclear war, is the recognition that short-term, reactive, solutions no longer serves us. Instead, we must employ long-term, proactive thinking, and apply a set of global ethics that we identify and agree upon.

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“Collective Threats Require a New System of Global Governance”

The current crisis is highlighting the degree to which we are interdependent and connected. While many of our greatest threats (like the coronavirus pandemic) are collective, we lack the necessary global institutions to make authoritative and binding decisions and to enforce them. Together we will explore the kinds of institutions we need to create to ensure humanity’s collective well-being.

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2. Bahá’í Conversations on Climate Change

Speaker: Christine Muller

Bahá’í Perspectives on Global Risks 

What are the major risks for humankind today?
What are the conclusions of the Global Risk Report 2020 by the World Economic Forum?
What do the Baha’i teachings say about potential future risks?
What does this mean for us living in these critical times?

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Why Climate Change Matters – the Impacts of Climate Change

Why does climate change matter? How does it affect us? What are its impacts on human health and well-being? The presentation will take us on a journey around the world and explain the impacts of climate change on people and nature. Increasing our knowledge about the impacts of climate change makes our belief in the oneness of humankind relevant on a deeper level. The concern and love for humankind will motivate us for meaningful action.

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Climate Change: The Causes and “Solutions”

Climate change is a complex issue, and it is often misinterpreted. The presentation provides a basic introduction to the causes of global warming and what we can do to bring the Earth’s climate system back into balance. Knowledge of the causes of climate change will also make us think more deeply about the meaning of justice, the “best beloved of all things”. The discussion will focus on the many ways we can all become part of the solution.

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3. Transformative Leadership for Youth

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4. Theater as a Tool for Moral Reasoning

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