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Transformative Leadership for Youth

May 19, 2020
TL for Youth webinar video cover

Author and educator, Joan Hernandez, and professional photographer and TL Facilitator Jessica Kerr, will share a brief overview of the society building framework for personal and social transformation. They will highlight learning from the first Transformative Leadership (TL) for Youth seminar. In addition, several youth graduates (Change Agents) from our first session will reflect on their learning and share their experiences with the TL program. The TL model of leadership fosters a culture of cooperation, releasing individual and collective potential for positive change at all levels of society. 

During the webinar the youth introduced and premiered their collaborative music video, “Give Light.” The song lyrics are from a Bahá’í Prayer: “Give light to our eyes, hearing to our ears, and understanding and love to our hearts. “
Music Video Cover for "Give Light"

Transformative Leadership empowers young people to respond positively to the forces of disintegration, such as prejudice, racism, and bullying, that they face in their daily lives. It presents a framework for social action that promotes ethical principles motivated by the search for truth, attraction to beauty, and thirst for knowledge.

In the first program of TL for Youth, dozens of young people acquired a conceptual framework and capabilities that enable them to practice an active morality focused on social transformation. Together we built and strengthened friendships, developed our appreciation of the beauty of diversity through art and cultivated a culture in which we contribute to personal and collective change through learning and action.

Youth panelists for this webinar include Kian Bahin-Aein (Arizona), Olivia Bell (Georgia), Oliver Mavaddat-Rhys (UK), and Ophelia Winslett (Florida).

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Jessica Lani Kamál Kerr

I am a professional photographer and multimedia artist. In 2015 I formalized a nonprofit grassroots support organization, Cultivating Capacities, in order to offer people of all ages and backgrounds opportunities to develop capabilities, skills and knowledge to effect personal and social transformation. I live in Severance, Colorado with my husband Kevin and our four teenagers (two girls and two boys). Throughout the years, we have hosted community building activities such as children’s classes, junior youth & youth gatherings and groups, interfaith devotions and study circles from the Bahá’í-inspired Ruhi Institute. Natural growth of the community building initiatives has evolved into societal discourse and social action initiatives. I hold the conviction that youth can change the world. For over 10 years I have dedicated myself to accompanying junior youth and youth to navigate today’s challenges and empower them toward personal and social transformation.


Joan (Juanita) Hernandez

In all, I am the author or co-author of more than twenty books on leadership, education, family life, social economic development, and the Bahá’í Faith. Although some of my books are only available in Spanish, my books in English can be found on Amazon at In 2019 I began working with Vahid Masrour and Jessica Kerr in Transformative Leadership Education in order to form a center for the many people in different countries who are applying Transformative Leadership. We invite you to visit our webpage to familiarize yourself with the concepts and activities of Transformative Leadership. You can also sign up for the newsletter that we publish every two weeks with articles related to activities of Transformative Leadership in different parts of the world.

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