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Creating Well-Being for Couples and Families

May 4, 2020
Setrakian Family
Susanne Alexander

Susanne M. Alexander, Chair of the Wilmette Institute’s Relationships, Marriage, Parenting, and Family Department, has launched a new book, “Creating Well-Being for Couples and Families: Increasing Health, Spirituality, and Happiness”. It’s good for couples at any time, but an especially good fit during and after the current pandemic.

“Ideally, relationships and marriage create well-being for couples and families,” Susanne explained. “Decades of science about couples seems to indicate that they can help each other become or stay healthier than individuals tend to be on their own. During the current pandemic, couples can watch out for each other’s health and safety.”

The Relationships Department’s course offerings are are available any time in order to assist people to apply the Bahá’í teachings and science to develop new ways of interacting. “As a couple, the more you integrate and harmonize all aspects of health—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—and create well-being, the happier you are likely to be,” noted Susanne. “It works from the other direction too: The happier you are, the likelier it is that you will both be healthy. With well-being, you feel more ‘in balance’, and there is a ‘flow’ of positive energy between you as a couple and between your activities.”

"Creating Well-Being" book cover

When couples cooperate as a team, they are more likely to:

Turn to each other to talk about challenges
Make and keep medical and dental appointments
Eat healthier meals
Reduce harmful habits
Have stronger immune systems
Seek help as needed
Recover faster from illness

The book includes 28 short topics for couples, especially for those who are raising young children, including character, nutrition, sleep, dates, parenting, communication, appreciation, creativity, service, and unity. The book is based on the Bahá’í Faith’s teachings and science. It includes stories from couples.

Books in various formats are available from:
The US Bahá’í Bookstore (Australia)
Susanne’s Marriage Transformation website

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