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Writing Biographies and Histories

Recording Stories of People and Places

Bahá’í History & Texts
7 weeks
Weekly Study
Nov 15-Jan 2
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November 22, 2023

Writing Biographies and Histories: Recording Stories of People and Places is designed to help Bahá’ís who wish to compose a memoir about their own lives, produce a biography of a Bahá’í mentor, or write the history of their local Bahá’í community. Units in the first half of the course will cover such topics as selecting a topic and settling on an audience; the philosophy and ethics of writing biographies and history; collecting oral history; research in archives and libraries and on the web; organizing notes and outlining the topic.

In the second half of the course, participants will pursue a research and writing project with support and advice from the faculty. The Wilmette Institute may be interested in publishing some short histories, biographies, and memoirs on its public website.

Meet Your Faculty
Robert Stockman, ThD
WI Dean, Bahá’í History, Texts and Tenets

I have had a passion for researching and teaching about the Bahá’í Faith for more than half of my life. My fascination with American Bahá’í history and with the first American Bahá’í, Thornton Chase, caused me, in 1980, to switch my academic field from planetary science to history of religion... See Faculty Bio

Roger Dahl, MA

I have always loved history but as I was not interested in teaching I became an archivist at the National Bahá’í Archives, United States. But I ended up also doing my own research in American Bahá’í History and have published in World Order and the ABS Journal several articles and book reviews. I found... See Faculty Bio

Richard Hollinger
Head, Special Collections, Fogler Library, University of Maine

Richard Hollinger is an archivist and historian residing in Maine who has conducted research on the history of the Bahá’í Faith in North America and the Middle East. His publications include: “An Iranian Enclave in Lebanon: Bahá’í Students in Beirut, 1906-40,” in H.E. Chehabi ed. Distant Relations: Iran and Lebanon... See Faculty Bio

Janet Fleming Rose, MA
Author, Biographer

Born in Surrey in the south of England, I was educated in Epsom and studied modern languages at the University of Edinburgh.  I gained my postgraduate diploma in librarianship at the Polytechnic of North London (which is now the University of North London) and subsequently worked in various roles such... See Faculty Bio

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