Re-Vitalizing Our Marriage

This course provides positive marriage tools inspired by the Bahá’í Writings, and hands-on strategies for strengthening married individuals and couples.

Relationships, Marriage & Family
8 weeks
Weekly Study
Jan 11-Mar 7
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January 16, 2021
Fee: $95 ($66.50 for first-time learners) $57 each for couples

Marriage can be challenging and complex to sustain, but there is hope for a re-vitalized union. Married individuals and couples will learn practical new ways to improve their marriage with the Baha’i teachings, science, and faculty-mentoring. Individuals will develop self-respect and their character, and couples will gain tools to strive for unity and increased happiness. Topics include the importance of marriage and family well-being, kindness, communication, consultation, dealing with difficulties, forgiveness, prayer, and building a support team.

Note: You may register anonymously for this course. Administrators and Faculty will have access to your real name, and your email address, but will use an alias of your choice in correspondence on the forums. Your real name and your email address will be hidden from other participants. To register anonymously, follow the prompts on the registration form.

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Re-Vitalizing Our Marriage: Applying the Teachings of the Bahá’í Faith to Strengthen Our Union. Use this coupon: WI-Revitalize, for 15% off book purchase at The coupon expires February 28, 2021.

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Who is the course for?
Who is the course for?

Married Couples

Meet Your Faculty
Susanne Alexander, BA
Relationship & Marriage Educator, author, and coach

Susanne M. Alexander is certified to offer couple’s assessments through Prepare-Enrich and for individuals with the Character Foundations Assessments. She is passionate about helping individuals and couples make good relationship and marriage choices through knowledge and skill-building and thereby preventing divorces. She meets with clients globally via the internet for... See Faculty Bio

Riaz Mostaghim, BA
Family and Marriage Counsellor

Riaz Mostaghim serves as a private family and marriage counsellor in the Ottawa area of Ontario, Canada. He also has extensive experience serving people with special needs and their families and offering personal development/relationship counseling. Some of his experiences include managing a residential facility for people with special needs; serving... See Faculty Bio

Jacqueline Najafian, LMFT
Marriage and family therapist

Jacqueline “Jackie” Najafian works as a licensed Marriage and Family therapist who includes education with her clients whenever possible. She has joyfully practiced therapy for over 25 years. In her practice she works with couples, families, children, and individuals. Jackie’s individual clients deal with many different issues including trauma, anxiety,... See Faculty Bio

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