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Race Unity: The Role of Persian Americans (2023)

The course curriculum is designed for participants of Persian/Iranian descent. Please note the new start date of 20 September. The course dates have been extended to accommodate breaks for Unit Convention (10/1) and Thanksgiving weekend (11/26).

Social Transformation
13 weeks
Weekly Study
Sep 20-Dec 19
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September 25, 2023

Scholarships are available for anyone who needs help paying the fee. Please email the Registrar, Niki Daniels, at

This online course is designed to raise the capacity of the participants to understand racial justice and unity, identify the role of Iranian American Bahá’ís, and contribute to building race amity through community building activities, social action and social discourse. This course will examine racial justice and unity in the U.S. from a Bahá’í perspective. Ultimately, participants will acquire the capacity to apply this knowledge to their personal and collective lives. We offer a diversity of thoughts, but do not endorse or advocate specific views of individual authors.

Three areas of capabilities this course will focus on are: 

1. Define the problem/issues (knowledge) 

2. Understand the Bahá'í approach to building racial justice and unity (spiritual insights)

3. Gain skills for building race amity, community building and contributing to discourse (skills for service) 

این واحد درسی به منظور بالا بردن ظرفیت شرکت‌کنندگان برای فهم عدالت نژادی و وحدت، شناسایی نقش بهائیان ایرانی آمریکایی، و مشارکت در تأسیس مودّت و دوستیِ بین نژادها از طریق فعالیت‌های جامعه سازی، اقدام اجتماعی، و پیشبرد گفتمان‌های اجتماعی طرّاحی شده است. این واحد درسی عدالت نژادی و وحدت در آمریکا را از دیدگاه بهائی مورد بررسی قرار می‌دهد. در نهایت، شرکت‌کنندگان ظرفیت بکار بستن این دانش را در زندگی شخصی و جمعی فرا خواهند گرفت. در این واحد درسی ایده‌های متنوعی ارائه شده است ولی ما لزوماً دیدگاهِ شخصی نویسندگان یا مراجع خاصی را را تأئید یا حمایت نمی‌کنیم.

این واحد درسی بر سه زمینه قابلیت تمرکز دارد:

۱) تعریف مسئله/موضوع (دانش)

۲) درک رویکرد بهائی در مورد ایجاد عدالت و وحدت نژادی (بینش روحانی)

۳) کسب مهارت برای تأسیس مودّت نژادی، جامعه‌سازی و مشارکت در گفتمان (مهارت برای خدمت)

This course features weekly Zoom sessions hosted by our faculty members in English and Farsi on Sundays from 10 am to 12 noon Pacific Time (1 to 3 pm Eastern). You may also log in to our course website at any time, day or night, to read the weekly course materials and watch the course videos.

Schedule for Zoom sessions

English and Farsi sessions: Sundays, 10am-12pm PST, starting on Sunday 24 September. There will be no Zoom sessions on 1 October (break for Unit Convention) or on 26 November (break for Thanksgiving weekend).

See Testimonial video with post-course comments from four participants in the Pilot Persian Race Unity course below. Click the "CC" button at bottom right of the video for English captions.

Who is the course for?
Who is the course for?

This course is designed for for anyone of Persian/Iranian descent who wishes to contribute to building race amity. Both Bahá’ís and friends of Bahá’ís may attend.

Meet Your Faculty
Azita Moallem, BSc
Service Project Coordinator, Fundraiser Specialist

I have a Bachelor of Science in Education from Portland State University. My mission is to make the world a better place by empowering humanity to realize its inherent oneness. See Faculty Bio

Arta Monjazeb, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Oncology at UC Davis

Dr. Monjazeb is an Associate Professor of Oncology at UC Davis. He has an M.D. specializing in radiation oncology and a Ph.D. in cancer research. He is an internationally recognized expert in oncology and cancer research and has authored over 80 publications in top scientific journals. He is a leader... See Faculty Bio

Tammy Bathke, PhD, MSN, RN
Director of Nursing Program

As a registered nurse (RN) in the state of California it has been my privilege to be a full-time tenured professor of nursing for 19 years at College of the Canyons, a California Community College. Most recently my position has changed to nursing program director. I also am a part... See Faculty Bio

Mehran Bashiri

Mehran Bashiri develops medical devices in the San Francisco Bay area. He has been innovating in response to unmet needs for brain strokes. He is curious about education for product design and is active in developing processes and standards for safety and utility of products. He is interested in serving... See Faculty Bio

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