Operationalizing Moral Excellence in Business

Rethink the purpose of business, examine the meaning of spiritual values such as unity, justice, nobility, and service, and explore how they apply in a business environment

Social Transformation
8 weeks
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Aug 30-Oct 24
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September 4, 2023

Offered in collaboration with the Bahá’í inspired organization ebbf (Ethical Business Building the Future, ebbf.org), Operationalizing Moral Excellence in Business emables learners to explore and redefine the fundamentals of business and management using the new paradigm founded on the revolutionary spiritual and moral principles drawn from the Bahá’í Revelation. The approach taken in this course is to make the required change an integral, inseparable, and indistinguishable part of daily behavior and culture of the organization. This approach develops stakeholder engagement and ownership of the change. To provide a contrast, we will first review current understanding of business ethics and then challenge commonly held assumptions in business and management. We will take time to rethink the purpose of business, examine the meaning of such spiritual and moral values as unity, justice, nobility, service, and explore how these values and operational principles such as consultation apply in a business environment. We will also explore groundbreaking concepts of leadership, power, and corporate governance. Finally, learners will be given an opportunity to add value to society by bringing about spiritual and material progress based on their unique circumstances and desire to serve.

Audience: This course should be of interest to anyone working in public/private organizations, discerning customers, or individuals who are somehow affiliated with organizations such as business owners, entrepreneurs, academicians, researchers and students, strategists, and business practitioners that provide innovative or transformational consulting services and would like to sharpen their social entrepreneurship skills.

Meet Your Faculty
Jean Parker, PhD
Affiliate Faculty, College of Business and Economics, Regis University

I am a qualitative researcher utilizing participatory research to build cohesive communities throughout the world. My doctoral dissertation was on emergency preparedness learning through community radio in North Indian villages. I incorporated principles of the Bahá’í Faith into my academic work resulting in the development of a new theoretical approach... See Faculty Bio

Mehran Ferdowsian, DM
Adjunct Professor of Business & Leadership, Sidhu School of Business & Leadership Wilkes University

Thirty seven years of demonstrated and progressive industry experience. This experience includes: (1) international startups in Malaysia, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean; (2) automation and engineering management, (3) small business management; and (4) organization and workforce development. At present, I have two areas of responsibility. First, I’m a professor of... See Faculty Bio

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