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Interfaith Dialogue and Collaboration

The Bahá’í Faith is in a unique position to inspire interfaith endeavors because its scriptures contain the imperative to foster interfaith dialogue as a prerequisite for world peace.

Religion, Theology & Philosophy
7 weeks
Weekly Study
4 to 6 HRS
Feb 1-Mar 21
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February 6, 2023

At a time when religious fanaticism and fundamentalism are spreading, and an ever-increasing number of people consider themselves “spiritual but not religious,” the need to engage in fruitful interfaith dialogue is pressing. The Bahá’í Faith is in a unique position to inspire and support interfaith endeavors because the Faith’s very scriptures contain the imperative to foster interfaith dialogue and names it as one of the prerequisites for world peace.

This course draws on Bahá’í principles as well as the work of interfaith scholars and organizations, journalists, religious leaders and agencies of various faith traditions, to explore how to successfully initiate and engage in interfaith dialogue with people of all spiritual persuasions. Theoretical and practical aspects of interfaith dialogue will be examined from many perspectives. The importance of public discourse on the role of religion in society today will be explored. We will share our insights and perspectives in order to broaden our understanding and increase our participation in and support of interfaith dialogue and service in our local and global communities.

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Meet Your Faculty
Anne M Pearson, PhD
Specialist in South Asian Religions

I have been fascinated by religion, its histories and cultures, since I was a teenager living in India. This interest led me to undertake extensive travelling and eventually to graduate work in religious studies, with a special focus on Hinduism and women. As a student, I also encountered and joined... See Faculty Bio

Ted Brownstein, MA Hebrew Studies
WI Adjunct Lecturer, Author

Learning and teaching about the oneness of religion has been the focus of my personal and academic interests. Having been turned off of religion by sectarian squabbling and rigidity, my family, going back to my grandparents on both sides, were a bit anti-religious. As a child of the 60s, I... See Faculty Bio

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