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Creating Unity with Friendship and Laughter

‘Abdu’l-Bahá encourages laughter, story-telling, friendships, and social connection, even in the middle of challenging circumstances.

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7 weeks
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Mar 4-Apr 21
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March 11, 2021

Note: This will be the first course for our new Department of Personal Transformation and Resilience.

You will be empowered through this course to lift your spirits and that of others with unity-building outreach. Come enjoy and learn how to deepen friendships, generate laughter, have fun together, extend hospitality, share humorous stories, take a lighter approach to challenges, and more. Open to individuals, groups, couples, families, and communities. Participants will meet in weekly discussion groups--form your own or meet new people. Please invite your friends!

Meet Your Faculty
Wendi Momen, MBE, PhD
Governor, London School of Economics

I was born Wendy Cunningham Wirtshafter in Hollywood, California, one of the few people who can actually claim that. My parents, Buddy Worth and Carol Morris were nightclub entertainers and jazz musicians and until I went to school I did not know my real last name, only the professional one... See Faculty Bio

Natasha Saminaden-Wilkinson, BA

I was born Natasha Saminaden and raised in North London by my parents who became Bahá’ís independently of each other, and before leaving the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. My parents’ desire to share Bahá’u’lláh’s unifying and transformative message was given expression through many years of pioneering and travel teaching... See Faculty Bio

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