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The Bahá’í Faith and the Arts

We will consider how to prioritize the positive aspects of creativity to enhance our lives, our communities, the Bahá’í Faith, and the future.

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6 weeks
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Jun 14-Jul 25
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June 19, 2023

In The Bahá’í Faith and the Arts we will explore the purpose of the arts from a Bahá’í perspective. Among other topics, we will discuss how art and religion have harmonized and conflicted in the past; how the Bahá’í dispensation will be similar to and different from the past; the artist as a person with an important gift to share with the world; and how the Bahá’í writings encourage artists. We will also consider how to reframe imagination, creativity, and risk-taking within a Bahá’í context; how to prioritize the positive aspects of creativity to enhance our lives, our communities, the Bahá’í Faith, and the future; and how to develop a serviceable language about the arts that enables us to integrate the arts more fully into Feasts, Holy Days, core activities, commemorations, and so on and to include more people in art making and appreciation of the arts.

Meet Your Faculty
Anne Perry, PhD
Professor, The Art Institute of Dallas

After two interdisciplinary MA degrees, I pursued my PhD in Aesthetic Studies, with a focus on both art and religion. I teach writing, humanities, and film and art appreciation at the Art Institute of Dallas and two community colleges, as well as serving as an instructor for the Wilmette Institute.... See Faculty Bio

Jenina Lepard, LICSW
Author, Clinical Social Worker

While my personal passions include the arts and race unity, I am prepared to serve the Bahá’í Faith in whatever capacity might be required. Published works include “Diamonds in the Rough” (2009) and “The Fashioner: Reflections on the Role of Music and the Arts in Building a Global Community” (2018).... See Faculty Bio

Jalaliyyih Quinn, MFA
Artist, Asst. Prof. of Fine Art

One day when I was three and getting over being sick, I was sitting on a cot in the living room… and wanted to draw a horse. I called rectangles shoe boxes, and by changing the sizes of the boxes drew a horse… I can remember it clearly, the moment... See Faculty Bio

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