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Wilmette Institute Webinars Now Available as Podcasts on Soundcloud, Amazon, and Apple

Sep 30, 2022
Wilmette Institute Podcasts - flyer with logos for iTunes, Audible, Soundcloud, etc.

by Robert Stockman and Nicola Daniels

The Wilmette Institute has been editing its webinars so that they can be provided in audio form, and now has 165 of them available for listeners. Use the links at the end of this article to access the podcasts.

If you prefer to watch the presenter while they’re speaking (and see the slide shows that feature in most of our webinars) you can view all the webinars right here on our website, on the Webinars page. The webinars are organized in the following 9 categories. The number in brackets is the number of webinars in each category currently available (there is some overlap).

WI Webinar/Podcast categories

Click on a category to navigate to the list for that category.

Bahá’í History & Texts (43)

Governance & Economics (31)

Community/Arts/Youth (29)

Religions (26)

Racial Justice (21)

Environment & Sustainability (13)

Science & Education (7)

Gender Equality (6)

Relationships (3)

Webinar Transcripts

Our dedicated volunteers have begun to make transcripts of selected webinars. Our first is “Responding to Injustice with Constructive Agency” with Michael Karlberg: New transcripts will be announced in our monthly Newsletter.

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Did You Know?

iPhones have a Podcast app built in. Just search for it and add “Wilmette Institute” Channel.

Try doing a voice search on Amazon or your iPhone (example on Amazon Alexa, say: “Hey Siri. Play Wilmette Institute Podcast.”)

You can create a free Soundcloud account and leave a comment or question, right on the podcast timeline (see screenshot below).

Webinar and Podcast Resources, Links and Feedback

We invite you to view or download this PDF Catalog with links to each Webinar page

We’d like to know which of our Podcast platforms you may currently use, which are your favorites, and why. Take our 1 minute survey.

Soundcloud (

Amazon Music and Audible

Apple Podcasts and iTunes

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