WI Live: Free Community Videos

In order to serve Bahá’ís and their friends better during this unprecedented health emergency, the Wilmette Institute is planning a variety of web video programs that everyone can access with the click of a mouse. We will also be offering free and significantly discounted courses for youth, junior youth, and young adults.

Last Updated: Saturday, 28 March, 2020

1. “Why Baha’i?” An Interview with Rainn Wilson on the Bahá’í Faith

Register now on Zoom. You can send in your Question on the registration form.
Or, watch this space for links to the live streams on Facebook and YouTube.

Flyer with figures holding the letters "TOGETHER" and announcing April 1 Interview "Why Baha'i" with Rainn Wilson; host Chitra Golestani.

2. Transformative Leadership for Junior Youth and Youth

This pilot program for youth in the USA and Canada is off to a great start, with about 120 students and facilitators. We will be compiling a wait-list for the next cohort. To streamline the process, we will collect the data for prospective participants in a (private) spreadsheet which will be emailed to animators and institutions who ask for it. Please look out for updates in our Newsletter, or check for them on this page.

A. Courses

Faculty: Susanne M. AlexanderLeslie AsplundAlex BlakesonMarabeth LumFiona McDonald
 March 30 to May 10, 2020

Come explore the Bahá’í teachings that form the foundation for healthy relationships and marriage! This course will aid you in navigating through a coherent process of building a friendship, understanding and learning about your own and a partner’s character, understanding male-female relationships, and being of service together. You will discuss practical application of the teachings with dating, courtship, and marriage. Discussion forums, videoconferences, and faculty mentoring will serve individuals and groups.

Audience: Individuals ages 18-30 (couples in the early stage of a relationship are welcome too)

B. Webinars

Note: The Wilmette Institute’s webinar capacity is now 500, but we will continue to post live stream links for both Facebook and YouTube on this web page, shortly before each webinar starts.

Global Challenges and Opportunities: A Dialogue Webinar Series

Tuesdays, at 8:30 pm Eastern (5:30 pm Pacific)

1. Bahá’í Conversations on Climate Change 
    Presenter: Christine Muller

Tuesday, March 31, 8:30 pm Eastern
“Bahá’í Perspectives on Global Risks” <=== click to register

Other talks in this series will be scheduled for after April 21, including:

How Will Climate Change Affect All of Us?

Why is the Earth Warming and What Can We Do about it?

What do Scientists Say Needs to be Done to Avoid a Climate Catastrophe? The Spiritual Challenge of Climate Change

The Interconnectedness of Climate Change with other Environmental and Social Problems

2. Creating An Effective System of Global Governance: Indispensable Mindsets, Habits, and Institutions <=== click to register
    Presenter: Sovaida Ma’ani Ewing
    How to Register: Click on the title of the series above. You will be able to register for one, two or all three webinars at once.

Tuesday, April 7, 8:30 pm Eastern
“The Coronavirus Pandemic: Stepping Stone, or Stumbling Block?”

Tuesday, April 14, 8:30 pm Eastern
“A Principled Approach to Solving Global Challenges” 

Tuesday, April 21, 8:30 pm Eastern
“Collective Threats Require a New System of Global Governance” 

In preparation for this interactive series, you may wish to read one or more of the recent articles on Mrs Ma’ani Ewing’s website: http://collectivesecurity.blogspot.com.

3. Community Tech Webinars (17, 21, and 23 March, 2020)

Week 1: The focus was on how to use such services as live web video and social media to conduct devotionals, Ruhi classes, children’s and youth classes, firesides, and deepenings locally. Spiritual principles as well as practical advice for conducting successful meetings will be discussed and there will be time for questions from the audience on Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube.

Webinar # 1 introduced a number of free video conferencing tools, including Zoom and Jitsi. It featured an overview of what each tool can do, how to get started, how it works, and how it can be used to help your community function.

  1. Watch now (Recorded Live Stream on YouTube)
    Community Tech to Cope with Social Distancing
  2. Community Tech Slide Show
  3. View/print Community Tech handout
    Contents will be continually updated after the webinar
    URL: http://bit.ly/wicommunitytech

Webinar # 2 focused on other issues communities face when they go online, such as scheduling meetings, and taking notes/minutes and working on documents together.

Watch on demand:   Facebook Live Stream    |   YouTube Live Stream

Community Tech 2 Slide Show   |  Community Tech 2 handout

Webinar # 3 focused on two things: using chat systems (that facilitate quick text conversations with friends), and holding public meetings that are streamed over the internet (Facebook + YouTube).

Date: Monday, March 23, at 8:30 pm Eastern Time (7:30 pm Central, 5:30 pm Pacific)

Watch on demand:   Facebook Live Stream    |   YouTube Live Stream

Community Tech 3 Slide Show   |  Community Tech 3 handout
Bonus: Slides about Live Streaming

Your questions will help us make the handout more useful to communities across the nation.
Please send them to communitytech@wilmetteinstitute.org