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How to log in to your course

In order to participate in your course, the first thing you will need to do is to log in to the course platform (Moodle) and find your Classroom Page. The video below contains step-by-step instructions. You may also print out the instructions below the video. This First-Timers Guide (PDF) includes instructions for setting up your course profile and for posting in the course forums, as well.

Video link:

1. Open up your computer browser and go to:
It is a good idea to bookmark this page. There is also a linkSign In—at the top right of the Institute’s public website (

2. In the Username box type your email address.

3. In the Password box type your email address.
These fields are case-sensitive. If you typed your email address at registration all in lower-case, you will need to type it all in lower-case when you get to this log in screen.

NB: If this is not your first course you will already have changed your password, so your password will not be your email address. If you have forgotten your password, email and ask for your password to be reset. We will issue a temporary password with instructions on how to change it.

4. Click the Log in button.

5. You must change your password to proceed, so type in your email address again as your Current Password, then choose a new password [enter it twice]. You can write down your password so that you will remember it the next time you need to log in.

6. Click Continue button.

7. On the Courses Home Page, click on Dashboard (top left).

8. Click on the course title to open the Classroom Page.

On the Classroom Page you will find everything you need for your course. If you need help email

See also: How to Create or Update Your Profile
and How to Post in the Course Forums

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