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How to Post in the Course Forums

An important aspect of every Wilmette Institute course is the discussions that take place in the course forums. The video below contains step-by-step instructions for posting in the forums. You may also print out the instructions below the video. 

Video link:

1. Log in to your Classroom Page (see How to Log In to Your Course for instructions)

2. Scroll down to find the Forum link for the forum you want to post in. The Units are listed in chronological order.
The video demonstrates a post being created in the Course Lounge, but the procedures are the same for any of the Forums.

3. Click on the relevant Forum link.
The Course Lounge is always located in the first Unit of the course, and you can post there at any time during the course.

4. Click on Add a new discussion topic.
If you just want to reply to someone else’s post, click on the post title, then click Reply (bottom right).

5. Type a Subject for your post – this is a required field.
If you are replying to someone else’s post, this field will already be completed.

6. Type your post/Message in the message box.

7. Scroll down and click Post to forum.

8. You have 30 minutes to edit your post. Click on the post title if you need to edit or delete it. Then use the buttons at the bottom right of the post to edit or delete the post.

9. Several web editing tools are at the top of the Message box. You can also add links and images.

10. Don’t forget to scroll down and click to “Save” your post.

If you get stuck and need help, email
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