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Six-Word Essays

To celebrate its twentieth anniversary, the Wilmette Institute recently asked people to write "Essays of Six Well-Chosen Words" (itself six words) describing their Wilmette Institute experience. Here's what we have received from online learners:

Curious? Prepare to be. Engaged, amazed! (John Morgan, Austin, TX)

Challenging, Eye-Opening, Inspiring Spiritual Experience (Cynthia Hall, High Point, NC)

Knowledge that serves to deepen devotion (Niki Daniels, Waterloo, SC)

Wilmette Institute, a living divine phenomenon (Barbara Pakravan, Hefei, China)

A spiritual tour de brain candy (Linda Zahl, St Helens, OR)

Enriching learning, spiritual expansion, warm community (Donna Pickel, St Marys, ON)

Well Paced Without High Input Overload (Rich Davi, Mt Prospect, IL)

Insightful - practical experience - togetherness - real progress (Stephen Thirlwall, Ottawa, ON)

Worldly eyes seeing through Divine spectacles. (Judy Russell, Prescott, AZ)

Bantering Conversations become learning becoming deepening (Candyce Ricco, East Branch, NY)

Truly, reward commensurate with effort exerted Jeanne Barzydlo, Majuro, Marshall Islands Bantering Conversations become learning becoming deepening