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Writing Creative Content for the Campaign #OurStoryIsOne

In this course, students will explore the #OurStoryIsOne Campaign through Bahá’í International Community press releases, gaining insight into its essence and generating creative content within their chosen genre.

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7 weeks
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Jan 10-Feb 27
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January 15, 2024


"The Baha'i International Community has now launched a global campaign, called #OurStoryIsOne, to honor the executed women and the long struggle for equality lived by women of all faiths in Iran for more than four decades which continues to this day." Source: #OurStoryIsOne website

Course Summary

In this course, students will study the various press releases issued by the Bahá’í International Community offices regarding the #OurStoryIsOne campaign in an effort to understand more deeply the purpose of the campaign. They will learn about the lives of the ten women martyred in Shiraz in 1983, and reflect on the conditions under which, for more than four decades now, women of all faiths in Iran have been struggling to achieve equality. In consultation with the instructor, students will choose a genre in which to work and, by means of prayer and meditation, take steps to generate creative content for the #OurStoryisOne campaign. The best of this content will be considered for inclusion in a special issue of, an online journal of the arts, and in the global literary reading to be hosted on zoom by to mark the end of the campaign and to celebrate its achievements.

Fees &Tuition Support

1. Base fee for 7 or 8 weeks: $110 | 2. Students (who hold a current student ID card): $50 | 3. *Course completion discount: -$35 [*discount applied to next course] | 4. Financial assistance available; email | 5. Study Group Members (cost for each member; you must sign up as a group to secure this price): $66

Meet Your Faculty
Sandra Hutchison, PhD
Author, Editor

Sandra Lynn Hutchison is the author of two books: a book of poetry, The Art of Nesting (George Ronald Books, 2008) and a memoir about her time living in China, Chinese Brushstrokes (Turnstone Press, 1996). She holds a Ph.D. in English literature from the University of Toronto and recently undertook an MFA in poetry... See Faculty Bio

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