The Four Valleys and the Hidden Words: An Arts Perspective

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Jan 6-Feb 16
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January 11, 2022

This course has been combined with the course The Seven Valleys and the Arts of Transformation to form a new course. See: The Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys through Creative Arts Exploration

What will you learn?
You will learn
Students will have gained a deeper understanding of the meaning of the Hidden Words as they related to the The Four Valleys.
Students will have understood the Writings in a different modality than academic, scholarly or rational thought, more in an emotional and intuitive sense.
Students will have been exposed to some of the antecedents of the Four Valleys concept and come to appreciate and be able to relate to other religious and psychological versions of the concept of four aspects.
Meet Your Faculty
Margaret (Peggy) Caton, PhD, PsyD

My interest in music has led me to pursue different fields of study, through instrumental performance, ethnomusicology, music therapy, movement therapy, psychology, and shamanic practice. This began with focusing on music in and of itself, as a form of creative and aesthetic expression. Over time I became more aware of... See Faculty Bio

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