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Buddhism for Deepening and Dialogue

Buddhism and the Bahá’í Faith both place an emphasis on personal transformation. Learn more about these two world religions.

Religion, Theology & Philosophy
6 weeks
Weekly Study
Jul 21-Aug 31
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July 26, 2022
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Buddhism for Deepening and Dialogue will survey the life and teachings of the Buddha, the development of Buddhist concepts and practices, and the dissemination of Buddhism throughout Asia and eventually to the West. We will read excerpts from Buddhist texts and examine similarities and differences between Buddhism and the Bahá’í Faith (and other religions), including the emphasis both place on personal transformation. The course will deepen your understanding of an important world religion and will prepare you for discussing spiritual concepts and practices with Buddhist friends and neighbors.

What will you learn?
You will learn
To become familiar with key Buddhist texts, teachings, and practices
To acquire an understanding of the development of the Buddhist tradition over time and in different cultures
To improve your ability to dialogue with Buddhists about their religion, and its relationship to teachings in the Bahá'í Faith
Meet Your Faculty
Anne M Pearson, PhD
Specialist in South Asian Religions

I have been fascinated by religion, its histories and cultures, since I was a teenager living in India. This interest led me to undertake extensive travelling and eventually to graduate work in religious studies, with a special focus on Hinduism and women. As a student, I also encountered and joined... See Faculty Bio

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