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Bahá'u'lláh's Early Mystic Writings

Bahá’í History & Texts
7 weeks
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Mar 8-Apr 25
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March 13, 2023

In Bahá'u'lláh’s Early Mystic Writings we will explore a theme that dominates Bahá'u'lláh’s early writings and continues throughout His revelation: the relationship of the individual to spiritual reality—to God, to spiritual truths, to principles of personal development, and to laws of conduct. We will explore Bahá'u'lláh’s Rashh-i-`Ama and some of His early poetry, The Four Valleys, The Seven Valleys, The Hidden Words, and the Tablet of the Holy Mariner. We will also read some Sufi texts that provide historical and literary context for allusions Bahá'u'lláh makes in His writings. We will round out our study with extensive commentaries and study materials by Bahá’ís on Bahá'u'lláh’s early mystic writings.

Meet Your Faculty
Christopher Buck, PhD

Christopher Buck (PhD, JD) attorney and independent scholar, is the author of several books, including: Bahá’í Faith: The Basics (2020), God & Apple Pie (2015), with an introduction by J. Gordon Melton (Distinguished Professor of American Religious History, Baylor University), Religious Myths and Visions of America (2009, “an original contribution to American studies,” Journal of American History, June 2011), Alain Locke:... See Faculty Bio

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