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How to Collect, Arrange, Maintain and Promote Bahá'í Archives

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March 31, 2022

Organized by the United States National Bahá'í Archives and taught by three Bahá'í archivists, How to Collect, Arrange, Maintain and Promote a Bahá’í Archives will introduce local and national Bahá'í archivists to principles that will help them to organize and maintain their collections.

Registration for the course is open to local and national Bahá'í archivists. You may also benefit from this course if you are working on your own personal project that would involve archival material. For example working on oral history projects, on personal papers, or locating records relating to your locality or region.

The course will include activities requiring access to archival materials in a Bahá'í archives. Two units will cover basic archival principles; the acquisition, arranging, and processing of records and personal papers, including electronic records; nonpaper materials, including digital assets; reference services; exhibits; quarters for housing archival materials; and preservation. Another unit will involve your working on an archival project: either a survey of your archives or advanced work on a project of your choosing. A final unit will guide you through a final report and proposal to your Local or National Spiritual Assembly.

Meet Your Faculty
Roger Dahl, MA

I have always loved history but as I was not interested in teaching I became an archivist at the National Bahá’í Archives, United States. But I ended up also doing my own research in American Bahá’í History and have published in World Order and the ABS Journal several articles and book reviews. I found... See Faculty Bio

Lois Walker, MA
Historian, Author

The life of a historian is never dull, I have learned. No matter where you go, there is fascinating history to be learned and shared. After working professionally as a historian and archivist for 25 years, I’m just as busily engaged in local and regional history projects now and enjoy... See Faculty Bio

Susan Rishworth, MLS, MA

Among my interests and passions is the preservation of Bahá’í history in all the varied towns, cities, and regions where it has and is happening around the world. Helping people to appreciate our rich history, and attempting to make it accessible to those who have not had access in the... See Faculty Bio

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