Among my interests and passions is the preservation of Bahá’í history in all the varied towns, cities, and regions where it has and is happening around the world. Helping people to appreciate our rich history, and attempting to make it accessible to those who have not had access in the past is part of this passion. When people I work with discover the riches, and share with others, it is extremely fulfilling.

Besides Bahá’í history, my history background has included African, African American, History of Medicine and Women’s history. A research project I have worked on for many years is my search for Dr. Verina Morton Jones, early African American woman physician. One result of this research was an article in the Journal of the National Medical Association (JNMA) March/April 2012:224-228.

Co-existing with my academic interests are my interests and work in race amity, interfaith collaboration, climate change and Indigenous perspectives on the sacred, the last two of which have been fueled by auditing Wilmette Institute courses!

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