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Our Email Box: Listener Comments on Web Talks on the 2017 Bicentenary and a New Look at the Exodus Story

Apr 30, 2018
Web Talks generally generate a flurry of comments, but sometimes listeners take their time about watching the talks on the Wilmette Institute’s YouTube, and then they respond. The letters to the editor below are the second kind. Here are their comments together with links to the talks:
JoAnn BorovickaJoAnn Borovicka: “Ten Plagues of the Exodus in the Light of the Baha’i Writings” When I first read the summary of this program, my knee-jerk reaction was “the plagues of Egypt and the Exodus DID physically happen! Of course they did!” But when I realized that my assumption was based on absolutely NO personal research of history and religious scholarship and that I had no idea where I got my assumption, I was really grateful to view this talk and learn more about the context in which these stories are presented. Thank you, JoAnn, for this insightful learning.—Catherine Hosack John Hatcher, “What the Bicentenary of the Birth of Bahá’u’lláh Means to Me” (this was the Wilmette Institute’s Web Talk for the 2017 bicentenary) Hi, thank you most lovely talk beautiful lots of love from Cyprus.—Paul Bassett

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