Mysticism and the Bahá’í Faith

Mar 5, 2023
Flyer for Mysticism and the Baha'i Faith featuring a headshot of the presenter, and a mystic blue lake surrounded by mountains

This webinar first introduces Bahá’u’lláh’s mystical Writings and describes His approach to using mystical concepts and symbols. Next, it examines the Bahá’í view on conventional practices, doctrines, experiences, and institutions that are the traditional loci of mysticism. It then considers the object of the spiritual journey in the Bahá’í Faith and provides an overview of the Bahá’í doctrines, concepts, and practices that redefine mysticism but continue the mystical narrative. This webinar concludes with a discussion of how the Bahá’í Faith offers an organic alternative to organized mysticism.



Vargha Bolodo-Taefi

Vargha Bolodo-Taefi holds a BA in advanced Bahá’í studies and a PhD in politics and international affairs. He has worked across public and private sectors in trade and investment policy. His research interests include Bahá’í theology, Islamic philosophy, Bahá’í economics, comparative religion, asymmetric conflict, coercive diplomacy, and terrorism. He is currently serving in the Research Department at the Bahá’í World Centre.

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