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Meaningful Conversations on Human Rights: Michael Penn’s Web Talk on “Mind & Development”

Aug 29, 2017
Meaningful Conversations on Human Rights: Michael Penn’s Web Talk on “Mind & Development”
The world around us continues to offer a smorgasbord of chaos. Bahá’ís tend to look for solutions to prejudice, racism, the inequality of the sexes, economic distress, environmental challenges, and so on, all of which prepare us for meaningful conversations with our friends and neighbors. But do we often think about our minds as part of the chaos and part of the solution? Michael PennIt is not too late watch and listen to Dr. Michael Penn’s June 2017 Web Talk to gain some insights into the topic of the mind and its role in ensuring human rights. His talk had a really long, but very provocative, title: “Mind & Development: Some Bahá’í-Inspired Reflections on Mind and the Harvests of Human Thought.” Dr. Penn began by explaining that he is working on a project on the development of the human mind from a Bahá’í perspective to contribute to discussions on human rights. Bahá’u’lláh, he said, came to cultivate the capacities of the human mind and to extend the reach of human understanding. Thus, to the extent that we cultivate all the extraordinary powers of the mind, a new kind of civilization will come into being that will honor the station, dignity, and rights of all human beings that are necessary for a peaceful society. Needless to say, the response was positive:

Just a note to say how much I appreciated this talk. I would recommend that he [Dr. Penn] do another to cover what was missed because of time constraints!”—ELLIE JOCOBI

Sunday was my first Web Talk. Somehow I was not aware that they have been going on. I am thrilled and will be attending one each month.—SHARON KLEMKE

Thanks again for a great opportunity to hear an excellent talk.—SOHEILA MAHBOUBI

As we said above, it is not too late to listen to Dr. Penn’s talk. You can also access (and print out) a pdf of his PowerPoint and his answer to the following question about human consciousness from another listener:

It would be wonderful if we could have a talk about the connection of the soul to the brain. Many people believe that the soul is equivalent to consciousness that resides somewhere in the brain. What is the Bahá’í view on it?—SYLWIA KURPIE

Let us know how you are using Dr. Penn’s Web Talk in conversations with friends and family.

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