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Letter to the Editor: The Kitáb-i-Iqán—Another Deepening with Sohrab Kourosh

Jul 26, 2018
Letter to the Editor: The Kitáb-i-Iqán—Another Deepening with Sohrab Kourosh
You may have missed Dr. Sohrab Kourosh’s Web Talk on the Kitáb-i-Iqán, but you can access it anytime in the Wilmette Institute’s library of Web Talks and also print out his PowerPoint to enhance your study. About his course, Dr. Kourosh wrote this:

The Kitáb-i-Íqán (The Book of Certitude), which was designated by Bahá’u’lláh as the Lord of Books revealed by the Most Exalted Pen and called by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá the fountainhead of the water of eternal life, is unique in the history of religions and holy scriptures. This book is not only the key for opening the mysteries of the past holy scriptures, but it revolutionizes the concepts of religion, eschatology, and theology by resolving and removing eschatological barriers and establishing the fundamentals of a universal religion and a universal theology that integrates and harmonizes the contending religious ideologies.

In his talk, Dr. Kourosh covers these topics: what the Kitáb-i-Iqán is and its scriptural significance; place in Bahá’í literature; style; historical background; publication and translation; major themes; new concepts of religion, eschatology (the time of the end), theology, and more; and essential objective. He concludes his talk with a quotation from the writings of Shoghi Effendi: “The Íqán is the most important book written on the spiritual significance of the Cause. I do not believe any person can consider himself well versed in the teachings unless he has studied it thoroughly.” How did listeners to the Web Talks respond? Here are some of the comments: Thanks for the webinar. I enjoyed it very much. I like the length of it. It was good to get more information on the three maternal uncles of the Báb. It would be great to be able to save and send as a link. I was able to send it to a seeker ahead of time and look forward to get his perspective on it. Look forward to may more webinars in the future. Thank you.—DARRELL WOOD ED. NOTE: Use the link at the top of this article to send the Web Talk and PowerPoint to friends and seekers. Most of the Wilmette Institute’s Web Talks are available on its YouTube Channel some twenty-four hours after they are given live. I enjoyed his presentation and stories very much. I’d love to listen to a webinar each Sunday morning. Thank you for the opportunity.—LIZ MARSHALL ED. NOTE: Your wish is granted, Liz. The Wilmette Institute offers between one and three Web Talks each month. After Dr. Kourosh concluded his Web Talk, he answered many questions such as those on the validity of other religions, an elaboration on Shoghi Effendi’s statement that the Kitáb-i-Iqán is a very important book to study, the Tablet of the True Seeker, and the definition of truth. He ended by suggesting a number of books to read along with one’s study of the Iqán: Happy studies!

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