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Ten Plagues of the Exodus in the Light of the Bahá’í Writings

Jan 14, 2018
Screenshot from video recording of Ten Plagues

Many modern archaeological studies in Egypt and Israel point out that there is no material evidence of the biblical plagues of Egypt or the Exodus itself, strongly suggesting that these accounts are not based on historical fact. However, Bahá’u’lláh and ‘Abdu’l-Bahá sometimes refer to elements of the Exodus story. How are these references to be understood? When Bahá’u’lláh and ‘Abdu’l-Bahá mention the Exodus—when They enter this traditional discourse—are They confirming the historicity of that biblical story or is there another explanation?

In this program JoAnn Borovicka will (1) present Bahá’í teachings regarding the significance of the story of the Exodus and the plagues of Egypt, (2) examine Bahá’í guidance about how to understand passages in which the Central Figures enter a traditional discourse, and (3) demonstrate through the Bahá’í Writings how the biblical story of the Exodus is highly relevant today.


JoAnn Borovicka, MEd

Independent Educational Consultant

My first professional passion, the pedagogy of liberation, was turned to the area of religion in 1999 when I began a research project for a Bahá’í Local Spiritual Assembly. The purpose of the project was threefold: to collect questions related to the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures that were of the greatest interest to Bahá’ís in the region (coastal South Carolina); to find Bahá’í teachings that addressed those questions; and to make that information accessible to the general public through participatory workshops. The fruit of that project, which involved dozens of trial workshops and thousands of conversations, was the Bahá’í Bible Study Series, three 30-hour workshops that explore Bahá’í teachings on biblical topics. Since that initial project, my interest in the independent study of the Bahá’í Faith and its relationship to Judaism and Christianity has continued unabated. My most recent publication is Light of the Kingdom – Biblical Topics in the Bahá’í Writings, a book that introduces Bahá’í teachings on biblical subjects as it familiarizes the reader with the structure of the Bible and the nature of its books.See Faculty Bio


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